Press Release

Provident releases the unique cylindrical RFID tag, "Metal-Attach® MA18"

Jan. 27, 2014

Provident Corporation today announced the new tag,"Metal-Attach® MA18," which has a unique cylindrical shape.

"Metal-Attach® MA18" is the UHF on-metal RFID tag, and since its shape is cylindrical, it is easy to put on various objects, such as net metals, wires, and cables, difficult for the conventional IC tags.

Recently, the demand for the RFID on-metal tags is increasing in order to improve the product management. Furthermore, the places to attach the on-metal tags on become various, including mesh-metal dolly, thin wires, and steal cases. So, it is necessary for the on-metal tags to attach on metals easily, and also it should be difficult to be taken off.

Provident's new "Metal-Attach® MA18" is quite unique. Its inlay is sandwiched between the cylindrical plastic inside and the resin film outside, and the center of the cylindrical tag is a hollow.

This unique shape makes it easy to attach the MA18 on various metal objects easily by passing a banding band through a hole of the tag. Or just pass the metal cable or wire through the hole.

The "Metal-Attach® MA18" has high resistance to environment, to impact, and to chemicals, and can be used outside.

Please see the more details on "Metal-Attach® MA18 " from here.