Press Release

Provident releases the new products, "Metal-Attach® MA11,"
UHF on-metal tag available for various-shaped metal products

May 9, 2012

Provident Corporation today announced the new tag, "Metal-Attach® MA11," UHF on-metal tag attachable on various-shaped metal products.

The MA11 inlay part is long and thin, and its plastic case has a rim and a hinge. This enlarges margin to adhere and makes the MA11 easy to attach and difficult to get off. Provident received a patent in Japan for this original design.

It is difficult to read data in the conventional UHF IC tag when directly attached on a metal or a liquid container, since no electromotive force generates. On the other hand, Provident's "Metal-Attach® MA11"can generate electromotive force, because there is a plastic spacer in the MA11, which makes a space between an inlay inside and the product on which the MA11 is attached.

Further more, the "Metal-Attach® MA11" has a rim and a hinge on its plastic case. This unique design enables to attach the MA11 strongly on various products, including curved and thin surfaces of metals, bars, liquid containers, trees, and cement products.

The MA11 uses high intensity plastic case to increase resistance to environment, to impact, and to chemicals. So, it can be used outside, even in severe manufacturing premise such as steel industry.

Provident exhibit this "Metal-Attach® MA11" at the "7th RFID Solution Expo" from May 9, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan.

The "Metal-Attach® MA11" is open price and sell through distributors. Provident plans to have a overseas patent application, and to sell the product to the overseas market.

Please see the more details on "Metal-Attach® MA11" from here.