Metal-Attach® MA11

Patented originally-designed RFID tag, attachable on various-shaped metals


Provident's "Metal-Attach® MA11" is the UHF on-metal tag, attachable on various-shaped metal objects easily.

A spacer in the MA11 makes a space between an inlay inside and the product on which the MA11 is attached, and enables to generate electromotive force .

Because of this original configuration, the MA11can be attached on various objects, such as metals, liquid containers, street trees, etc., and even to be buried in cement products, which the conventional UHF IC tags are difficult to do so.

The MA11 inlay part is long and thin, and its plastic case has a rim and a hinge. This enlarges margin to adhere and makes MA11 easy to attach and difficult to get off. This unique design enables MA11 to be attached easily on various-shaped products, including curved surfaces, thin metal surfaces, bars, liquid containers, trees, and cement products.

Since MA11 uses strong plastic case, it has high resistance to environment, to impact, and to chemicals, and can be used outside.


  • Attachable to various-shaped metal objects (curved surfaces, thin surfaces, bars, etc.)

  • Easy to attach, difficult to get off

  • Attachable to surfaces with oil or water

  • Able to use repeatedly with a use of double-sided tape or magnet tape (option)

  • Able to use both indoors and outdoors

  • High resistance to environment, to shocks, and to chemicals

  • Cost-effective>



Where to attach MA11






  • Metal objects (coils, steel plates, steel bars, etc.)

  • Water pipes, pipe-lines, valves

  • Construction machines, auto components (engines, etc.)

  • Bicycles, motor cycles, cars, beds, wheel chairs

  • Metal racks, metal pallets, transport containers

  • High-grade displays, golf clubs, fishing roads

  • Gas cylinders, liquid containers, drums(industrial-wastes, etc.)

  • Cement products (bury the tag)

  • Container bag (industrial-wastes, etc. )

  • Street lights, street trees, power poles, timbers

  • Tools, production equipment

  • Office equipment (PCs, etc.)

  • Cables, wire ropes

  • Rechargeable batteries, electric water heater

  • Metal mold

  • Escalator footsteps         and more

How to use

  • Inventory & logistics management

  • Asset management

  • Tracking

  • Equipment maintenance & management, etc.


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Inlay Impinj Monza5
(memory: EPC max 128bits, TID 48bits)
Standard - EPCglobal Gen2
- ISO/IEC 18000-6TypeC
Frequency 860 - 960MHz
Dimensions W4.5mm (+ rim 10mm) x L97mm x H7mm
(exclude projection portion)
Communication range* - Max 5m (free space)
- Max 3m (attached on metal)
    * Depend upon environment
Case materials Polypropylene / polyethylene (black) with double-sided tape
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Purchasing "Metal-Attach® MA11"

"Metal-Attach® MA11" is open price. You can purchase it from our distributors. Please ask the detail to Provident.