Metal-Attach® MA02

RFID tag label with unique structure, attachable on metals


The "Metal-Attach® MA02" is the low-priced UHF IC-tag label, attachable on metals.

The MA02 uses low-priced paper label. On this label, there are a crease and a slit. This simple design enables the MA02 stand on.

This unique configuration makes a space between an inlay on the MA02 and the product on which MA02 is attached, and generates electromotive force. Because of this, the MA02 can be attached on metals, liquid containers, etc., which the conventional UHF IC-tag is difficult to attach.

Further more, since the MA02 uses paper label, you can print on it with a label printer.

There are 2 types in the "Metal-Attach® MA02"; MA02-22 which has a separator-cut on back side, and MA02-21 with no separator-cut.


  • Able to use as on-metal tag:
    You can read data even when the MA02 is put on metal directly

  • Able to attach on liquid containers

  • Long communication range (several meters):
    Because using UHF

  • Long life-time:
    Strong adhesive and coated-paper make it possible

  • Easy to print:
    Able to use a common label printer to print on it and to write data on the IC chip

  • Easy to attach:
    Just fold at a crease and attach it

  • Low price:
    Because using paper

  • Able to attach not only on flat surface but also on curved surface


  • Production lines for trucking metal objects

  • Administration of gas cylinders

  • Factories for administrating industrial wastes

  • Distribution stocks for managing metal pallets

  • Construction sites for managing building materials

  • Plants for maintenance of pipelines and valves

  • Automotive plants for controlling parts

  • Transportation and logistics
            ... and more


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Inlay ALN-9630
- IC chip: Alien Higgs-3
(User memory: Max 512 bit)
Standard - EPCglobal Gen2
- ISO/IEC 18000-6TypeC
Frequency 860 - 960MHz
Communication range* - Max 7m (free space)
- Max 5m (attached on metal)
    * Depend upon environment
Label Size:  W100mm x L75mm
Surface material:  Coat paper (160g/m2)
Adhesive:  Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Separator:  White glassine paper
Separator cut:
 - MA02-21: No separator cut
 - MA02-22: With separator cut
Processed part:  a crease, a slit
Shape Paper core:  Inner diameter 3 inch
Number of labels:  502 labels / roll
Product photo
(Front, Back)

For your request,,,

We can provide you various customization according to your requests, including change of the label size, change of the crease position, and so on.

Purchasing "Metal-Attach® MA02"

"Metal-Attach® MA02" is open price. You can purchase it from our distributors. Please ask the detail to Provident.