Provident provides sensor networks
based on its unique RFID systems,
contributing to the brighter world future

Provident Corporation provides sensor network systems with its unique RFID tags and RFID readers, based on its own patented technologies.

The RFID tag system is the mechanism to administrate various objects using data in the very-small wireless IC chips.

Provident developed unique original RFID tag designs, which are patented in Japan and several other countries. Our original tag structure enables to increase accuracy to read data in the tag. Provident takes advantage of this strengths and provides variety of unique RFID tags, such as on-metal tags, numbercard tags, and so forth.

We also provides compact RFID readers, UHF mat antennas, and other products, indispensable to construct RFID systems.

With these products, Provident has many business results in providing various unique network systems. Those include a products-management system using RFID tags for a leading chemistry manufacturer, an operators' location monitoring system for a large steel company, and numbercard tags and running-time measurement system for marathon events.

We, Provident, believe our mission is to contribute to the brighter world future, through providing sensor networks based on RFID systems.


Provident at a glance

Company name Provident Corporation
President and CEO Koichi Sakanashi
Head office 3-141-64 Mukai-kogane, Nagareyama, Chiba 270-0143, Japan
Business Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of sensor networks based on RFID systems
Establishment Mar. 28, 2008
Capital 5 million yen
Main bank Chiba bank